Friday, 29 June 2012

Is it a love of, or obsession for Disney?

I'm a self-professed fan of all things Disney but sometimes I wonder if it's just a love for Disney or an obsession.

My family, friends and co-workers call me the Disney nut, and it may be true, but I greatly enjoy spending time discussing Disney with fellow enthusiasts.

I'm 35 but when I start talking about Disney, and specifically the Disney Resorts I feel giddy like a young child.

I have posters and pictures of Disney on my walls at the office and I have several bookshelves of Disney plush characters at home. It may seem juvenile to most, but to me it gives me a break from the routine and monotony of every day life and gives me something to look forward to.

This may be an obsession but it brings me joy and an excuse to act like a child from time to time. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, ideas and news about Disney.

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